Unlike the typical law firm that attempts to be all things to its clients, our approach is to focus on five broad areas of need, and applying them to our clients desired outcomes in the most timely, affordable and effective ways:

Governance Structures

An important but often neglected part of a successful business is the rules around how decisions are made. Once in place, a thoughtful set of guidelines for how decisions are made (“Governance”) will result the organization running more harmoniously so that it can focus on serving its customers. In a fairly simple and quick process, we help our clients consider the issues of governance and develop a path forward that provides order, continuity and harmony that lead to success.

Succession, Exit and Transition Planning

Building a strong and robust business can take decades.  During time families grow, executives become a part of the business and owners look for ways to achieve the next phase of their personal goals. We understand the unique challenges that face family-owned and closely held businesses.  In the decades of working with family-owned and closely held businesses, our Firm has witnessed the complexities of combining close partnerships and family dynamics into the business organization. We routinely help our clients plan for, train and ultimately achieve a smooth transition of their business.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Business grow in many ways including merging with, acquiring and or selling.  We help our clients position themselves as attractive buyers and sellers, plan and develop strategy, develop valuations, forecast financial impacts, negotiate, structure transactions to achieve business outcomes in the most tax efficient manner, and prepare the legal agreements to bring it all together.

Acquisition and Financing of Capital Assets

Our clients call upon us when they are considering how best to purchase, own and or finance assets. We help them assess the various options, structuring the acquisition, fund (debt equity and or lease) and generally complete the transaction.  An important part of this process includes putting together the financial information lenders require to support the financing, helping our identify qualified lenders and negotiating with those lenders to procure the most advantageous financing terms.

Working with Employees

Employee management is one of the most heavily regulated aspect of business.  We help our clients on-board new employees, develop employee policies and handbooks, address disciplinary issues, provide rewards, and create incentive structures.  When relationships come to an end, we help our clients exit their employees in ways that achieve legal compliance and the lowest cost.